Computer Science


University of Wisconsin-Madison



JS, jQuery, Bootstrap & PHP



Web Full Stack

Mobile App

Human-Computer Interaction

Current Commitment

At present, I work as a Webmaster for Division of Recreational Sports, University of Wisconsin-Madison. . My duty is to update the website with instructions coming from other faculties and design/implement pages for new programs offered at Recreational Sports. We just launched our brand new site consisting around 100 pages from ground up which we started 8 months ago and migrated from OpenText to WordPress. The template we are using could be found here.

Research Experience

I interned as an Android Developer at Australian Centre for Field Robotics, University of Sydney in 2016 summer. In 45 days, I designed and implemented the user interfaces for two android tablet applications under Sarah’s supervision for her mechatronics projects. The first app displays real-time medical data from sensors attached to pregnant woman’s stomach via Bluebooth and saves those data to the device for future analysis. I used Android Studio for this project and had help from my supervisor for the Bluetooth code. Another app was expected to simulate the birth labor on an artificial birth canal and track the position of the baby(not a real baby of course…). I did not have enough time to implement the tracking dynamic plot but managed to complete most UI units. Because they are university research projects, the source code are not open to public.

College Coursework

In college, I have taken courses including Data Structures, Machine Organization(C), Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm and Software Engineering. For the rest of my undergraduate study coursework, I plan to take Operation System, Network, and Mobile Application.


In my free time, I would like to learn new stuff about programming. I completed a few certificates related to full stack development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc. on Besides web development, I also take an interest in mobile application development; I picked up Swift at my sophomore year at and I played about an app that introduces myself. The source code could be found at my github account. This year, I am reading “Head First-Java“. After that book, “Head First-Design Patterns” and “Head First-Android Development” are my next targets.